Halmar Sp. z o.o is an importer and distributor of furniture from the Far East, mainly from China and Hong Kong. Some offers are domestic products produced by Polish manufacturers on our order. Among the wholesale customers we have over 1000 national actors and hundreds of foreign customers.

22 000 m2


of logistics base

Halmar exists on the market since 1989, it has the necessary knowledge, experience and logistics base of over 22 000 square meters, in part as a computerized high-bay warehouses.


The advantages of our offer are:

attractive prices,

wanted and well selling product

distribution network covering the whole Poland

efficient after-sales service


We invite you to cooperation.


Glass & MDF top tables

Dining sets

Solid wood top tables

Coffee tables

Children furniture

Bedroom furniture

Leisure furniture

Bar tables, shelving

TV stands

Bar and restaurant furniture

Garden and terrace furniture

Office desks

Executive office chairs

Office chairs

Children chairs

Nowy Styl furniture

Metal chairs

Wooden chairs

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